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I have also been graced with enough time to settle into this new area and find employment. I am very happy to say that I am on my third week here at Mir House, and I am doing better than I could have ever imagined. The home has been extremely welcoming, and I have been blessed enough to find a well-paying job. I couldn’t imagine getting where I am today without the aid of the Living Amends scholarship.

During the second month, the applicant must reapply with a detailed essay about how the grant has impacted their sobriety. These grants are competitive, and a limited number will be awarded each month. We are looking for individuals committed to their recovery. When applying for the scholarship for the second and third months, the applicant must fill out the form below and complete the 2nd and 3rd-month essay to The deal was crafted with an intense focus on making amends in communities impacted by the decades-long war on drugs.

Understanding AA Step 9

To make amends means to apologize for something you have done or for wronging someone in some way. It means mending, or (quite literally) fixing, the relationship. It would be easy to think there is nothing more WYG can write about guilt and grief. We’ve written about how common guilt is in grief (you wouldn’t believe how many people get the “coulda woulda shouldas”). We wrote an article about the difference between guilt and regret. We talked about the complicated processes of self-forgiveness and self-compassion.

I don’t take it for granted, and I will continue to pay it forward. I know your contribution will help a lot more than just me in the long run. I so look forward to paying this forward, a lifelong journey of helping people in recovery, and I am excited for the gifts sobriety has already given me. With gratitude from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the team at You have built a bridge for me into my new life that I was unable to build on my own. At Living Amends, we strive to ensure that each recipient of our scholarship can get the on-going support they need to stay sober.

Don’t Try This on Vacation: Learning From Other Travelers’ Mistakes

Living Amends understands the system is not perfect, and more clients will relapse than stay sober after residential treatment. Still, we want to support those who beat the odds and are serious about their sobriety. The monthly maximum Living Amends can award any one house is $1,000.

  • By working through the list in Step 9 and making amends to each person named there, you will restore a piece of yourself with each conversation.
  • An apology doesn’t include an action that attempts to make up or compensate for that wrongdoing.
  • For instance, the home might set curfews so that you are forced to be back at the facility at a particular hour.
  • If your actions match your intentions and you reach out in person, you are doing the next right thing to right past wrongs.
  • The debate is between them, the Cardinals, and the Panthers.

How the other person chooses to respond to our amends is out of our control. You, at least, have done your best and can now move on. Completing Step 9 is the next step forward in recovery, regardless of how the other person responds. When you make amends, the way you look and feel about situations changes. You can gain clarity about what happened and what should have happened.

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They don’t always see my hands off approach as sincere kindness, but my motives are pure. We believe that the only path to forgiveness is asking it of the person we love, the person we believe we hurt, and making amends for what we did wrong. That might not be so tricky if the person were still alive. You’re left with a mountain of guilt and no one to apologize to, no one from whom you can ask forgiveness or make amends. To fix broken relationships, you have to put a lot of effort into making things work.

living amends

Living Amends is committed to helping people in the Austin, TX area stay sober for more extended periods of time. However, we do not pay for anyone’s entire stay in their sober living community because we also recognize each person’s need to have stakes in the process. It proves that they are committed to the recovery process. Living amends is a third option for those in the ninth step of recovery.






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